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The Shockspot Fucking Machine - Sex Machine For Insatiable Fetish Sex
The Shockspot Fucking Machine Sexual Pleasure System - a High Quality Sex Machine For Insatiable Fetish Dildo Thrusting Action

The Shockspot Fucking Machine is the perfect robotic fucking machine for any sexual technophile. This sleek sex machine is the most versatile toy adventurous sex warriors are likely to find short of an nymphomaniac android love slave! Featuring the most advanced vac-u-lock system available, you can control the motion and intensity of the Shockspot Fucking Machine with your Laptop, Smartphone, PDA or PC via USB connection.

Powerful Touch and Feel software gives you pre-set control of depth, stroke length, speed, sequence time and smoothness all at your finger tips – features that a rotary-based fuck machine is incapable of providing.

Other sex machines can be adjusted with thumbscrews which gives limited control. With the Shockspot Fucking Machine, you have total control on the fly with the hand control or your computer.

The stand is made up of strong aluminum rails that are light weight and easy to adjust and the industrial rubber feet keep the machine stabile, even during the most aggressive moves. The arm has three elbows that each lock by tightening them with your hand, no tool required and the whole machine can be slid from one end of the base to the other and can be tightened with a standard Allan wrench.

At its most compact, the Shockspot Fucking Machine folds up into the size of a briefcase and will provide accommodation for any desired position such as kneeling, laying or seated to a full standing position in less than fifteen seconds.

Shockspot Fucking Machine Software Is Available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows mobile
Runs on 120/240 VAC (50-60Hz)
14lbs/6.4kg in Weight
17.535lbs of Thrust
0 - 6in/0 - 15.2cm The Software can Adjust the Depth on the Fly
Maximum 23.62in per Second
Maximum Strokes Per Second
1060 strokes/min at stroke length 0.2 inches
340 strokes/min at stroke length 2.0 inches
250 strokes/min at stroke length 4.0 inches

Shockspot Fucking Machine Dimension Maximum
16.5in/41.9cm Wide
22.0in/22.9cm Long
30.0in/76.2cm High

Shockspot Fucking Machine Dimension Minimum
16.5in/41.9cm Wide
22.0in/22.9cm Long
5.5in/14cm High

Shockspot Fucking Machine Storage
7.5in/19cm Wide
20.0in/50.8cm in Long
5.5in/14cm High

Shockspot Fucking Machine 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty for Manufacturer Defects

Shockspot Fucking Machine System
Online Price : $1,999.00 - $2,075.00
Buy ‘Shockspot Fucking Machine’ High Quality Love Machine / Sex Machine / Fucking Machine At Online Price

Fucking Machines Go Hi-Tech with Voice Control, Wireless Bluetooth Technology and Motion Control capabilities that are impossible for traditional fuck machines to perform.

The Shockspot Fucking Machine System is the most advanced, robotic sexual pleasure system on the market today. The Shockspot Fucking Machine produces motions that are impossible for rotary-based fucking machines to perform. You can control the stroke length, speed, smoothness and pattern at the touch of a button. The system instantly responds to your commands through the Touch and Feel software installed on your PC, laptop computer or palm button. You have the option of selecting preprogrammed routines or creating your own using our intuitive point and click programming page. Store and share your programs with other Shockspot users over the Internet. Save your programs with easy to remember names of your choice and recall in seconds. Flexibility, compactness and quality define the Shockspot. When stored, this pleasure system fits into a case not much larger than a standard briefcase. When expanded, The Shockspot Fucking Machine will accommodate any desired position from lying, kneeling, seated to a full standing position in less than fifteen seconds. Designed from super-rigid materials, the system is light enough to be carried effortlessly yet solid enough to remain in your desired position when in use.

What type of Sex Machine is The Shockspot Fucking Machine?
The ShockSpot is a state-of-the-art, robotic, pleasure system. The system is an "In-Out" machine as well as a "Vibrating" machine that is completely programmable through the ShockSpot Touch and Feel software. Any desired position from lying, kneeling, sitting to standing is accommodated by the ShockSpot. The intuitive, simple to use software, high quality materials combined with a design that can collapse into a small carrying case make the ShockSpot truely unique.

Is there anything else like The Shockspot Fucking Machine on the market?
The ShockSpot is the most advanced, robotic pleasure system on the market today. There is no other system available that offers the flexibility and control that is offered with the ShockSpot.

Can I really use my voice to control The Shockspot Fucking Machine?
YES! The Touch and Feel software allows you to completely control the Shockspot using only your voice. Using a wireless Bluetooth headset or wired headset, you can command the Shockspot to execute all of your desired motion commands. "Move Faster", "Move Slower", "Much Deeper" are just a few examples of the available commands. The Shockspot also speaks back to you.

How do I control The Shockspot Fucking Machine?
The ShockSpot is controlled through the ShockSpot Touch and Feel software. Wireless Bluetooth control is also available so the Shockspot can be controlled with a Smartphone or PDA running Windows Mobile. The software is used to select the desired motion or program for the ShockSpot. The system can be started, stopped and paused through the software, smartphone, PDA or palm button.

Can I control the stroke length, speed and smoothness of The Shockspot Fucking Machine?
Yes, the stroke length (depth), speed and smoothness (acceleration) are configured with sliders on the Touch and Feel software. The software also allows the user to select preconfigured programs and customize programs to maximize their pleasure.

What are the pre-configured programs?
The ShockSpot pleasure systems comes with pre-configured motion programs that can be selected and customized if desired. The current programs are: "A Stranger in Town", "Cyclic Waves", "Indecision", "Little Guy", "Random Strokes", "Slow Long and Easy" and "The Buildup".

Can I save my programs?
Yes, you can save, recall, delete and customize your programs using the ShockSpot Touch and Feel software.

What positions can be used with The Shockspot Fucking Machine?
The ShockSpot will accommodate any desired sexual position from Lying, kneeling, squatting, sitting to standing.

How quickly can I change positions of The Shockspot Fucking Machine?
The ShockSpot can be adjusted to accommodate any position in less than 15 seconds.

Is The Shockspot Fucking Machine strong and rigid?
The ShockSpot system is made with high-grade tubular aluminum components that make it extremely strong and rigid.

How heavy is The Shockspot Fucking Machine?
The ShockSpot system weighs approximately thirteen pounds. The high-grade tubular aluminum structure makes the system very light for transporting and positioning, but extremely rigid, to remain locked in the desired position during use.

How fast can The Shockspot Fucking Machine pump?
The ShockSpot can cycle hundreds of times per minute.

How small does The Shockspot Fucking Machine collapse when transporting or storing?
The ShockSpot folds into a volume of space that is approximately 6 inches x 6 inches x 19 inches. The collapsed unit is small enough to fit in small carrying case and will easily fit under a bed, in a closet or in the overhead compartment on an airplane.

Can The Shockspot Fucking Machine be carried on a plane?
The ShockSpot folds into a volume of space that is approximately 6 inches x 6 inches x 19 inches. The collapsed unit is small enough to fit in small carrying case and will easily fit in the overhead compartment on an airplane. These units have been transported on planes and we are not aware of any customers having problems transporting these units as carry-on luggage. We advise that you contact your airline to verify before you travel.

Is The Shockspot Fucking Machine assembled in the USA?
Yes! The ShockSpot is, and always will be, assembled in the USA.

“Incredible! We love our new Shockspot! It is and does everything that they say it is. The quality is outstanding. It is extremely well built and looks like it will last forever. It is a high tech fucking machine yet very easy to use. We have two other machines and they can't do what the Shockspot does. It can produce a motion that we call a "rabbit fuck" where I can tell it to stroke back and forth a distance, let's say 1 inch, then tell it how deep or shallow to go. No other machines out there can do this! We also considered how the machine can be programmed to go through a series of moves. Once we found out what the Shockspot can do, it was a no brainer and we had to buy one.”

“I own a porno company and we have had the pleasure of using this system in some of our videos. Skeptical at first this machine not only won me over by my entire staff in just minutes. Any machine that can make a girl squirt six feet has to be amazing right? Sturdy,Quiet and Easy to use this thing may just replace men all together. The Shockspot Fucking Machine might be the greatest invention of all time!”

“We love it! We love our new Shockspot. I prefer the soft, slow motions with a stroke of three inches for most of my sessions. Towards the end I speed it up sometimes. We love the control that we have over the system. It is true that there is no other system that can do this. We researched fucking machines for two weeks before we purchased and we found the Shockspot to be the best by far. The system was packaged extremely well and it is a very high quality design. It is certainly built to last. Thanks.!”

“The Shockspot Fucking Machine deserves Invention of the Year for Mankind Award. It came very professionally packaged (best I've ever seen) and is truly 100 years ahead of its time. This product looks like it came off an F-16 assembly line and will no doubt last a lifetime and then some. The very fact that this device has a brain controlled by a software program where you type in three simple control adjustments based upon intervals of time that you set (30 seconds... a minute.... more?) that are how deep (4 is plenty!), how fast (from slow to hold on!) and how smooth...anyone can learn how to program this machine and be using it in about 30 seconds) makes it separate and distinct from all other @#$% machines out there. It's almost unfair to compare as this one has a programmable brain. I'd liken it to comparing a banana to a Doc Johnson vibrator. Just as advertised, different programs come with it that are super simple to open and run with great names such as Slow, Long and Easy and Stranger in Town that make this machine truly a robot (or robotic device) that can tickle your fancy just as you would hope and expect. Your intuitive and flawless software puts Microsoft to shame. Can't wait to try the audio version!!! I know then too I will be in Shock and Awe. This machine bar none is worth every penny.”

“We really enjoy the options and performance of The Shockspot Fucking Machine. I bought the Shockspot for my wife (wink wink) and we really enjoy the options and performance. The programs are great! We modified the standard programs and saved them as our own. Our favorite this month is "Caligula's F-Fest" which goes through a series of steps that are perfect for her (and me). Please post our program for others to enjoy. We also want to say that the system folds down into a very small package that can be stored almost anywhere.”

“The system is very fast and powerful! Shockspot + Party =Fun! We bought this machine for our own pleasure and for our friends as well. We are the life of the party with this thing. It is so compact when collapsed, we carry it with us when we travel. It sets up in less than one minute and is ready for action. We have a bunch of attachments that we use, depending on the person and "area". The system is very fast and powerful. The software is incredible! The attention we get with this system is unbelievable! Thanks for making a great machine!”

“Hi Quality System - Very well built. Great system and lots of fun. Quality system that looks like will last forever. OK, the price was more than I was expecting to spend - but it was well worth it! I have two other sex machines that require time to change the settings. I can adjust the speed but I can't adjust the depth without changing thumb screws. I can change the settings instantly with this system just by touching a button. The really cool thing is the programming. This thing comes with programs built in and I can add my own. I created my own program in less than 5 minutes and it cycles through the patterns I love most. I just select my program and press run, the Shockspot does the rest.”

“The Shockspot is a true F-machine. I have had the Sybian for 8 years and have enjoyed it thoroughly, but the Shockspot is something different. The Shockspot is a true F-machine that provides the pumping action that the Sybian does not. It allows me to enjoy any position I want and adjusts so quickly. I haven't setup any of my own programs yet but I have been using the programs that came with the unit. I select the program then use the remote control to run the system. It is fantastic and it doesn't get tired. So far, the system is a perfect system.”

Fleshlight Friendly Shockspot. I attached a Fleshlight to my Shockspot and I'm very pleased with the results. I am anxious to test the new voice control software. The software is easy to use too.”

“We received our Shockspot almost two weeks ago and we love it! We were shocked to see how compact the unit was when folded for shipping and pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily it was expanded for use. We installed the software, applied power and it came alive for us. The software is very intuitive and easy to use. Although my first experience with the system was with my husband, I became much more familiar with it during my first solo afternoon. I tested all of the pre-installed programs and even created two of my own. The Cyclic Waves is my favorite. We love it! “

“After two months of using Shockspot Fucking Machine, we are in love. We have always wanted to try DP ... a fantasy we enjoy often now. He also loves to watch. Great system, thanks.”

“I tried the Shockspot out at a party when it was first released....I must say that this is truly an orgasmic, amazing experience...There is no disappointment here! It does exactly what this site says. It aimes to please in multiple positions, multiple times, again and again and again. There's nothing out there that compares. It is definately the BEST BANG for the buck. Nothing comes close to this!”

The Shockspot Fucking Machine - High Quality Sex Machine / Love Machine For Insatiable Fetish Sex
Buy ‘Shockspot Fucking Machine’ High Quality Love Machine / Sex Machine / Fucking Machine At Online Price
The Shockspot Fucking Machine - High Quality Sex Machine / Love Machine For Insatiable Fetish Sex
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