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Sex Machine Story Eight : My Master’s Insatiable Fucking Machine
He unlocks the door and enters His home. The workday quickly flows from His body. His troubles seem to melt away. A rye smile creeps over His face. Anticipation fills His veins.

He dumps His keys and briefcase on the bench, cracks His knuckles, and heads to the pantry. He slides the door open and let's it bang against the inner wall, knowing it can be heard from below. A pause ...

Reaching down, He lifts the floor mat slightly and reveals a steal "O" ring in the floor. Steadying Himself, He lifts the the ring ... opening the trap door with a long slow creeking.

He traverses the ladder like wooden steps down the tight opening. His pathway illuminated by candles. At the bottom a small alcove with two shelves and several pegs and hooks. On the smaller shelf, the uppermost shelf, sits a tumbler, filled with ice, Jack Daniels and coke. He lifts the glass to His lips and takes a sip. "Good girl" he thinks as the last of the day washes from His mind.

On the pegs before Him hang His most prized possessions ... His favourites. A wooden paddle, a leather riding crop, a cane, a one foot long leather cot'o'nine tails, and a coit. On the shelf below where His drink sat lays her choice ... a set of hand cuffs, which sit upon a pair of her panties ... a surprise for Master.

And He does love surprises. Thoughtful little gifts and jestures ... she is so special. He picks up the cuffs on one finger and twurls them. Then He takes the panties, lifts them to His nose and inhales deep. her scent has Him aroused immediately. He replaces them on the shelf ... smiling ... chuckling.

He steps out of the alcove, a few more steps down and He is in His huge basements ... or "Dungeon" as He prefers to refer to it as. The large weather board Victorian home, surrounded on all sides by a large patio ... all conceal His inner sanctume. The hidden trap door, the tunneled stairwell, the huge bluestone bunker, coal store and cellar. The place He truely felt at home in.

He looks across the room past all His handmade toys ... the St. Andrews Cross, the cage, the whipping post, the rack, the Iron Maiden, the stocks, various horses ... His gaze fixes on His craved wooden thrown, a small table on one side, a large animal fur on the other, on which she kneels. He looks at her and grins from ear to ear.

Naked she kneels, feet crossed and tucked under her buttocks. Knees spread wide with her hands resting palm up on her thighs. Head and eyes lowered in respect ... patiently awaiting her Master. He can see the longing on her face.

Master's footsteps down the stairs had filled her with excitement. His pause on the landing had made her ache with anticipation. His chuckle at her favoured choice of toy for today (plus her surprise) had made her moist with pleasure. His presence alone made her drip.

Master's leather soles clap against the cold stone floor of the dungeon. The closer He get's, the wetter she becomes, biting her lower lip to stop from moaning at His approach ... His presence.

He places His drink and the cuffs on the small table and stands before her. He places His hand gently against her cheek. His hand slides under her chin and He lifts her head up ... she looks into His eyes with a love filled smile on her face.

"How was your day gorgeous?" He asks. "Very good thank You Master ... but i missed You terribly Sir. How was Your day Master?" "My day was fine gorgeous ... and I missed you too" He replied.

He sits in His thrown, and takes a sip from His drink, breathing out deeply He sighs as the day has well and true been forgotten. He reaches over to her and takes her hand in His. Patting His thigh with His other hand He motions to her, and helps her stand as He guides her up into His lap.

He holds her cheek and guides her face to His. He kisses her soft lips long and hard. Their tongues meet ... dance ... their fluids exchange. He sucks her lower lip a little, pulls it into His mouth, between His lips. He gentley bites her lip while His arms wrap around her. He pulls her close ... squeezing her tight.

He lets the kiss linger on her lips ... teasing her by pulling away from time to time. Pecking and nibbling on her mouth. Then He finishes the kiss and looks into her eyes and says in an authoritive voice: "Inspection Time!"

she jumps up from His lap and moves quickly to a large rug in the centre of the dungeon. she kneels as before, staying rigid with her back straight. her thighs spread, her palms up and still, resting on her thighs, eyes lowered, head bowed.

He takes another sip from His drink, finishing it and replacing the glass. He picks up the cuffs and puts them in His pocket. He walks over to her and circles her twice, inspecting her form. He is impressed. "Such a good girl", He tells her. He crotches down behind behind her and runs His hands down her back. "Excelent posture girl", He lets His fingers trail down her lower back and over her buttocks. His index finger lightly runs over her arse crack and down between her cheeks. "Master's good girl", He affirms.

He stands and circles her twice more. Then stops in front of her and crotches down again. He cups her breasts in His hands ... fondles them ... squeezes them. "Master loves 'His' breasts". He pinches her nipples, smiling at her.

His hands trail down her body, over her mound, down between her thighs. He slides a hand between her lags ... feeling her moisture. "Good girl ... Master likes 'His' little pussy nice and wet for Him". She moans at His touch.

He leans forward and kisses her tenderly, their noses rub. He kisses across her cheek, then whispers in her ear, "you're such a good girl. Master's precious girl". As He whispers, He pulls out the cuffs and gently presses them against her skin, on her chest, letting them trail between her breasts. The cold steal shocks but excites her as she moans.

He passionately kisses her while He runs the cuffs down her body, over her breasts and nipples, over her stomach, between her thighs. He takes her arms and moves them behind her back as He hugs and kisses her. Their tongues dance as He slips the cuffs around each wrist ... snapping them shut tight.

He continues to kiss her while she is restrained, slipping His hands between her legs, lightly stroking up and down each inner thighs. He fondles 'His' pussy, teasing, enjoy her moisture. Sliding His fingers inside her He whispers, "We need to get you a little more lubricated before we begin".

He toys with her clitoris, pulling it, rubbing it, sliding his hand and fingers over it and over the pussy. He slides His fingers inside her and uses His thumb to massage her clit while they kiss. He feels her juices dripping onto His hand as she groans with delight.

He slides His fingers out and leans back as He lifts His soaked hand to her mouth. she sucks each of His fingers clean and licks every drop of her juice from her Master's hand. She pokes her tongue out of her wide open mouth (as she knows what He likes) and He sucks on her tongue ... tasting her juice.

He stands up and walks over to the cupboards built under the stairs. From it He takes a black box about one foot cubed in size, with a dildo that is attached to the top. He walks over and puts it down infront of her and plugs the attached electrical cord into the socket. He crotches down infront of her to see her devilishly cheeky grin.

"Up!" He commands ... and she rises onto her knees as He slides the box her legs. He positions the dildo extension to her dripping lips. He steadies her with His hands on her hips as He slowly slides her down on to the dildo, about two inches inside her.

"Get it wet!" He commands ... she slides up and down on the dildo, letting her juices lubricate it. "Good girl". He fondles her clit as she moans, slowly bouncing on the contraption. With His free He clicks a button and a small red light on the box illuminates. "We're all powered up gorgeous". She grins and her head falls back as she moans.

He reaches down and flips one of the two toggle switches on the box. The dildo starts to vibrate profusely. she groans loudly as she bounces up and down on the dildo ... her head flung back, her hair drapping wildly down her back.

"Ready gorgeous" He asks as He looks at her and smiles as she enjoys His toy. "Fuck Yes Master ... Pleassseee Master", she begs. He leans forward and kisses her long and hard as she holds still ... the dildo only a couple of inches inside her. He fondles her clit a little.

"Here we go gorgeous", He says as He flips the second toggle switch and the hydraulics in the box kick in. The dildo starts pumping up and down, deep into her as it vibrates. Up and down about three inches, pumping into her. she rides it, bouncing up and down as it pumps into her. she moans and groans wildly as she pants.

He takes a chair and places it in front of her and sits watching her enjoy His toy. Watching her cum over and over ... orgasm after orgasm. An hour passes and she is drenched in sweat, letting out scream like moans of pleasure.

He stands up and pushes the chair away. He stands before His gorgeous moaning, groaning, orgasmic slave. He undoes His belt and slides His pants off, then His shirt and bozer shorts ... stripping for her. He stands right infront of her ... His throbbing hard member in her face. He takes 'It' in one hand and rubs the head over her lips. Her mouth opens and she extends her tongue to the tip of His member. Her hot panting breath flowing over His cock.

she licks and sucks the head as she rides His toy ... her moans od extacy vibrate down His shaft. He strokes her hair ... "such a good girl". He takes her head between both His hands and slowly thrusts into her mouth. she sucks hard and her tongue runs over the shaft. Her lips over her teeth, she mouths His cock ... moaning wildly.

He starts to pump faster and faster ... feeling her lips slide down His shaft. "Such a lovely mouth, girl". Fucking her face harder and harder. she still bounces on His toy as she takes all of His cock skilfully in her mouth. They both moan and groan together, sharing the phenomenal pleasure they feel.

His cock is throbbing uncontrollably. her whole body quivers as she orgasms over and over with her Master filling her mouth. she bounces and sucks, He pumps and thrusts. They both reach a state of cataclysmic pleasure.

"Oh Jesus gorgeous ... are you ready ... mmm ... for My seed?" she looks up, acknowledging Him. "Oh God gorgeous ... I'm gonna fill that luscious mouth". He can feel her smile on His shaft. she opens her mouth wide as He rubs His cock along her tongue, thrusting into her mouth.

"Oh Jesus ... you're such ... mmm ... a fucking ... oooh ... good girl! Cum for Master!" He shoots His full load onto her tongue and down her throat, His whole body shakes and quivers with orgasmic pleasure. she swallows every drop for Him. Sucking and milking His head of every last seed. Moaning as she cums with Him, for Him.

He crotches down and kisses her as His hand slips down between her legs, feeling her saturated pussy. He tickles her clit, pulls on it ... bringing her to orgasm one last time as they kiss. Kissing her cheek at the point of orgasm so He could hear her moan and groan in His ear as she came for Him. "Oh God ... Thank You Master".

He flips both switches off and powers down the machine. He gently helps her raise up as He slides the toy from between her legs. He moves behind her and removes the cuffs, kissing each wrist as it becomes free. He walks before her and takes her hands in His and helps her stand up as she wavers with spent pleasure.

He wraps His arms around her and cuddles her as they kiss again. He lifts her weak body in His arms and carries her upstairs. He lays her down on their bed and crawls in next to her ... both exhausted. They fall asleep in each others arms ... content in their pleasure ... secure in their oneness. They sleep deep and long.
Erotic, Fetish  And Fantasy Fiction Involving Pussy Pounding Sex Machines And Fucking Machines
Love Machine / Sex Machine Story Eight : My Master’s Insatiable Fucking Machine
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