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Sex Machine Story Three : The Good Sex Doctor Prescribes A Fucking Machine
Dr. Drake sat on his little stool at the end of the examining table and explored Mary's pussy with his fingers and eyes. Gynecologists usually wear surgical gloves when they examine a pussy, but he rarely did, preferring instead to have direct contact with the warm, moist flesh. If the patient questioned this practice, he simply explained that his keen sense of touch enhanced his diagnostic ability. The truth was that he loved the feel of a pussy. He spread Mary's labia like the wings of a butterfly and peered up into her scarlet fuck-hole. He was impressed by the symmetry of his patient's cunt. He had examined thousands of them and thought most were as ugly as sin. Nevertheless, he loved pussies more than anything in the world. Indeed, he had devoted his life to the study of pussies.

The good doctor sawed three bare fingers in and out of Mary's cunt while teasing her clitoris with his thumb. Nothing. No response whatsoever. Her smooth thighs did not quiver. Neither her clit nor her nipples hardened. Her breathing remained slow and measured. She was truly an iceberg.

"I don't see anything wrong with your mean your vagina, Mary. Everything seems to be in good working order. I don't understand why you are unable to mean have orgasms. Do you ever jill mean masturbate to orgasm?"

"I've tried, Doctor, and it feels good, but I never reach orgasm."

"Would you like to try something a little different?"

"I will do anything to be able to come like a normal woman."

Dr. Drake pressed a button on the intercom. "Nurse, would you come in here, please?" Drop-dead gorgeous Nurse Veronica walked in with a smile on her cherry lips. She knew without being told what she was being summoned for and she was very pleased.

"Nurse, Mary here has a problem mean achieving orgasm, and I would like you to help her out. You don't mind, do you?"

Nurse Veronica took the doctor's place on the short stool and stared at Mary's well-groomed cunt. It was one of the prettiest she had ever seen, with symmetrical flaps and a well-shaped clitoris. The glossy black hair was thick but neatly trimmed. Nurse Veronica's long tongue was drawn to Mary's vulva the way iron is drawn to a magnet. Starting at Mary's ass-hole, she slurped up the trough and across the love-nubbin. Most women would have gasped, moaned or whimpered, but Mary did not respond in any way.

Doctor Drake sidled over behind a filing cabinet, pulled his enormous cock out through his fly, and masturbated as he watched his nurse tongue-fuck his patient. Like all men, the sight of a woman sexing another woman turned him on. His fat cock throbbed in his hand as he watched Nurse Veronica struggling to get every inch of her long tongue up into Mary's snatch. The pretty nurse used her upturned nose to flip Mary's clitoris to and fro. Ten minutes passed, then twenty, then thirty. Mary was so passive that she could have been asleep. Most women would have been screaming by then, but not frigid Mary.

"Doctor, I can't do anything with her," Nurse Veronica said. "I've never failed before, but I have to give up on this one. She really is frigid."

"Well, maybe I'll give it a try," Doctor Drake said, as he stepped out from behind the filing cabinet to reveal his huge hard-on. After kicking the stool out of the way to give him standing room, he pressed the plum-sized bulb of his cock against Mary's wet quim. He pushed hard and watched Mary's cunt-flesh swallow up his fucker. It certainly wasn't the first time he had fucked a patient. He had fucked hundreds of them and fully intended to fuck hundreds more. That was why he had become a gynecologist.

Doctor Drake's cock plunged into the deepest recesses of Mary's tight pussy. He pumped slowly at first, then picked up speed. After ten minutes at a leisurely pace of one thrust per second, he revved up to two thrusts per second. There was still no response from the frigid housewife. She was slick inside but not from her own juices. Nurse Veronica had provided the lubrication. The saucy nurse helped out by sucking and fondling Mary's ample teats.

The frustrated doctor's enormous ego was taking a beating. He had never failed to satisfy a woman, yet this one lay as still as a corpse. He was doing some of the best fucking of his life and she didn't even seem to notice. He was proud of his finesse-fucking ability. He twisted his ass in circles as he corkscrewed into her. He used his cock like a crowbar to pry at the walls of her pussy. A mentor had once told him that the surest way to satisfy a woman was to try to make her pussy roomier. That had been some of the best advice he had ever had and it had served him well, but it wasn't working on Mary.

Doctor Drake's frustration turned to anger. The woman's lack of response to some of the best fucking he had ever dished out was an affront to his manhood. If Nurse Veronica had been on the receiving end of his prong, she would have fainted by then. The doctor revved up again to three thrusts per second and delivered them straight and true. Finesse had not worked, so he gave up on it and began using his cock like a ramrod.

"Come on, you bitch, cum for me," he growled. "I'm giving you the best fuck of your life, now cum all over my cock."

The good doctor was like a man possessed as he drove his pussy-pleaser into Mary's creamy center. It enraged him that the slut was not screaming for more the way most of his patients did. Once again he picked up the pace to an amazing four thrusts per second. Even a true cocksman like him could not keep up that pace for long, and he soon pulled his ramrod from her barrel and pumped a creamy load onto her belly. Unloading onto a belly that was not quivering from orgasm was a novelty for him.

While Nurse Veronica lapped the precious semen from Mary's belly, Doctor Drake wrote an address on the back of his business card. "Mary, I'm going to refer you to an organization that has had great success in treating women with your problem," he said. "Nurse Veronica will make an appointment for you. Please let us know how things turn out."

After Mary left, Doctor Drake bent Nurse Veronica over and shoved his cock into her tight, buttery pussy. Within seconds, her gasps, squeals and howls were soothing his battered ego.

Mary was late for her appointment at the Female Fulfillment Foundation a few days later. She almost backed out entirely. If Nurse Veronica's long, tapered tongue and Doctor Drake's enormous totem had not given her satisfaction, all hope was lost. Her reluctant arrival at FFF was one last desperate attempt to experience an orgasm.

"Hello, Mary, I'm Doctor Murphy. Doctor Drake has told me all about you. I think we can make a new woman out of you."

Mary was pleased. Doctor Murphy was a dead ringer for George Clooney, her favorite actor. She thought she felt a little tingle in her pussy, but then decided that it had only been her imagination.

"Mary, I honestly believe that there is no such thing as a frigid woman. Some women simply need more stimulation than any man can provide. We have designed hundreds of devices that provide the necessary stimulation. Unlike men, they run tirelessly for hours, if necessary. Why don't I give you a guided tour?"

Mary was shocked when she saw the first fucking machine. A shiny steel pole was attached to a wheel mounted on an axle. A large, life-like dildo was attached to the end of the pole. Doctor Murphy lifted a panel to reveal the motor and gears that drove the machine. A padded table equipped with straps completed the device.

"Mary, this is our most efficient fucking machine. We call it the Satisfier because no woman has ever walked away from it unsatisfied. We recently made some wonderful improvements that allow for random fucking, which means that each stroke is a little different from the last. The speed, depth, and angle of the thrusts varies to make it more like human fucking."

Mary's pretty face turned a deep shade of red when the doctor turned the machine on and the dildo began to move forward and backward. She wondered how any woman could submit to such degradation. Doctor Murphy sensed her trepidation.

"Perhaps if I show you some of our other devices you will find one more to your liking," he said.

Mary was then shown literally hundreds of devices that were designed to do what nature intended only men to do. Most were simply dildos attached to saws, drills, and other tools. Some were hand-held and had to be operated by an attendant, but others, like the Satisfier, could run unattended for hours.

"Well, I don't know, Doctor," Mary said. "I'll try whatever you suggest."

"The Satisfier is your best bet. Like I said, no woman has ever walked away from it unsatisfied."

The doctor led Mary back to the Satisfier room and asked her to undress. She stripped and then stretched out on the padded table. Before Mary knew what was happening, Doctor Murphy strapped her down at the ankles and wrists.

"Why the straps?" she asked.

"Well, for some reason, women tend to mean have orgasms more easily when they are restrained."

Mary looked up at herself in the mirror that covered the ceiling. She admired her ample breasts, slender waists, and the perfect triangle of hair on her cunt. She grew concerned when Doctor Murphy began removing his clothes. He crawled up on the table and buried his face in her muff.

"Doctor, what are you doing?"

"We get our best results when we give a little foreplay first."

His tongue explored the soft folds of her pussy for awhile, then he mounted her and rammed his cock into her.

"Drake was right about you having a nice, tight cunt. Too bad it's inoperative, but I'll soon fix it. They'll have to take you out of here on a stretcher."

Doctor Murphy was as vain about his fucking prowess as Doctor Drake was about his. He rammed his huge cock into her at two thrusts per second, skillfully delivering the strokes from different angles and to different depths.

"Come on you cold bitch, fuck me back. I know there is life in that cunt."

Mary was shocked when another man walked into the room. He was dressed in a white smock and had a stethoscope draped around his neck, so she assumed that he was also a doctor.

"How's it going, Jack? Any success?"

"I've given this bitch twenty minutes of world-class fucking, and I haven't gotten a rise out of her."

"Maybe if I stuff mine in alongside yours we can get her going."

The second doctor tossed his clothes aside and climbed onto the table. He sat between Doctor Murphy's legs and stuffed his ample cock into Mary just underneath his colleague's cock. Mary felt as though she were filled with one gigantic cock. As the doctors synchronized their thrusts for maximum effect, Mary felt a tingle at the top of her pussy. Then there was another tingle, and another. Mary didn't know what was going on down there, so she kept this information to herself.

"Ah, damn, Jack, I've got to cum," the second doctor said. "I can't hold it in any longer."

"Yeah, me, too. Let's pump her full of cream, then we'll turn the Satisfier loose on her."

The doctors groaned as they shot their loads at the same instant. Their cocks were soon basting in their combined juices. They remained mated to Mary for several minutes in order to extract every last ounce of pleasure. After the doctors uncoupled and got off the table, Doctor Murphy quickly clamped his hand over Mary's cunt.

"I'll keep the sperm in there for lubrication, Tom. Hurry and get that dildo plugged into her."

The second doctor placed the head of the dildo at the opening to Mary's cuntal canal. After making a few adjustments to the machine, the dildo began to slide in and out. Mary's pussy began to tingle again, this time not only at the top but along the sides. The doctors carefully adjusted the machine so that the dildo completely filled Mary with each stroke.

"Let's help out, Tom," Doctor Murphy said. "This bitch is going to need all the stimulation we can provide. I don't think the Satisfier is going to be enough. I'll tongue her clit. Why don't you suck her teats?"

Mary began to pant as the doctors' hot mouths and tongues went to work on her most sensitive bits. The fucking machine was suddenly switched to random mode so that each stroke was different from the one before. The dildo went in to different depths from different angles. Every nerve in her pussy was getting attention.

"We're getting there, Tom. She's finally lubricating. Look how shiny the dildo is."

"Let's just stand back and let the Satisfier do its job, Jack."

The two doctors stood aside and masturbated as they watched Mary slowly lose her sanity. She began to gasp and whimper, then she began to sob. The sobs finally became screams as one orgasm after another rippled through her body.

"I'm ready for some more of that," Doctor Murphy said. Mary cursed him soundly when he turned off the fucking machine, then took it all back when he mounted her and shoved his fat cock into her. Then, for the first time in her life, Mary was cumming around a real cock. She whooped and hollered as the good doctor took his pleasure with her. After Doctor Murphy shot his load into her, the second doctor took his place. Her howls of ecstasy alerted every man in the building, and they were soon lined up with their cocks in their hands, waiting for a shot at the ice queen turned nymphomaniac.

By the time the last man, the janitor, had taken her, everyone had lost count of her orgasms. Her pussy clamped down one final time around the janitor's plump cock and then she passed out cold. Doctor Murphy had kept his promise - they did have to carry Mary out on a stretcher.
Erotic, Fetish  And Fantasy Fiction Involving Pussy Pounding Sex Machines And Fucking Machines
Love Machine / Sex Machine Story Three : The Good Sex Doctor Prescribes A Fucking Machine
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