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Sex Machine Story Two : My Mother’s Personal Fucking Machine
“I don’t believe it,” Bree said to her friend. There is no such thing as a machine that gives you a fuck.”

“There is too!” Shelley replied. “I saw my mother using it last night. She didn’t know I was watching her and she got herself off with it. I heard a buzzing noise and I heard her moaning. Her door was locked but when I looked through the keyhole, I saw her sitting on this black box with a big smile and as I watched, I saw her cumming. Afterward, she put it away in her closet and locked the door.”

“I still don’t believe you. She must have been using a vibrator. I’ve seen my mom use one of those and I used it too when she wasn’t home. It got me off better than any boy ever did. A LOT better…”

“Bree, I’ve seen my mom’s vibrator and it looks nothing like the fucking machine I’m telling you about. “Don’t you think I know the difference between a vibrator and this thing?”

Shelley did know the difference and so did Bree. Although they were both only eighteen years old and seniors in high school, they had been sexually active for long enough to know about vibrators. Neither one knew as much as she thought she did but they did know that much.

“Do you think she would show it to us? Do you think she would let us use it?”

“No way. She’d never even let us see it, let alone use it. She keeps it locked in a closet. Mom thinks I’ve still got my cherry.” Both young women pondered for a few seconds about how dumb mothers can be before Bree made a suggestion.

“My brother showed me how to pick a lock. All you need is a piece of wire like a bent paper clip. I’ll bet I can get into that closet some time when your mom isn’t home, and we can try it out. When will she be out?”

“She’ll be working tomorrow. She leaves in the morning after she knows I am up and getting ready for school.”

“Okay, then make her think you are getting ready for school but don’t go. I’ll cut school too and be over at nine o’clock with a paper clip. I’ll bet this going to be fun.

Bree and Shelley giggled at the thought of the forbidden fruit they expected to be enjoying.

At nine o’clock the next morning, Shelley let Bree into the house she shared with her mother and led the way into her mother’s bedroom. The closet was locked with an ordinary snap lock and, after a few minutes of fumbling, Bree was able to pick the lock with the bent paper clip. Shelley opened the door and, after some looking, found what they were after. It was sitting on the floor in a corner, somewhat concealed by a pile of clothes that needed ironing. She took it into the bedroom and set it on the floor where her mother had been using it two nights ago.

The fucking machine was a red box, made of a rather heavy plastic and an electric cord ran from one end. The base was flat, allowing the machine to be set on a chair or the floor or anywhere else, and the sides sloped upward like a pyramid, except the top was flat and five inches square. The main feature was a pink dildo protruding from a socket in the top. As they looked at it and thought about what the dildo could do for their young pussies, both women giggled.

After it was plugged in, they looked the machine over more carefully and found the control panel on one side. In the middle of the panel was a toggle switch marked “ON” and “OFF” and the function of that was obvious.

On either side of the toggle switch was a dial. One dial had “SLOW” written on one end and “FAST” written on the other, with apparent gradations in between. The two friends were sure they knew what that was for.

The other dial was more mysterious. On the left end was the designation “OSC” while the word "TURN was written on the right. At the top of the dial were the letters “THST”.

On the side opposite the control was another handle. When Shelley pulled on it a drawer opened. Inside were varieties of dildos.

“That looks like Little Willy’s little willie,” she said, pointing at the smallest of the plastic cocks.

Little Willy was an object of some scorn among his female classmates but his family is rich and he drove an expensive luxury car and so was granted privileges he wouldn’t have otherwise rated.

“I’ll bet Jason Richards is hung like that,” Bree guessed, pointing to an eight-inch dildo, the biggest of the set. Jason was the star of the basketball team. Neither Bree nor Shelley had any first-hand knowledge of his cock but they had heard a rumor that it was quite spectacular.

The other dildos ranged in size between Little Willy and Jason and the one on the machine was average sized.

Shelley plugged in the machine, after making sure the switch was turned to “OFF”.

“Let’s try it out,” she suggested.

After carefully making notes of the settings of the machine so they could return it to those settings, Shelley set the dial to “SLOW” and to “OSC” and turned it on. The dildo started swinging slowly from side to side. As the dial was turned toward “FAST” , it swung faster.

“It’s oscillating. ‘OSC’ must stand for oscillate,” Bree deduced. She turned off the machine and set it back to “SLOW” and to “TURN”. The dildo slowly turned in a circle when the machine was turned back on.

“Oscillate looks like it would be fun but turn doesn’t look like much,” Shelley judged. “Let’s try the middle one.”

THST apparently stood for “thrust” because the dildo thrust straight up and down when that was the setting. Further experimentation showed that it could be set to thrust up and down while either oscillating or turning.

Bree and Shelley both developed dampness in their pussies when they thought about the dildo fucking them, especially when the machine was turned to FAST and set to oscillate and thrust.

“I dare you to try it out,” Bree challenged her friend.

“Do you think I should?”

“Why not?”

“Okay but you have to use it too.”

“I will but, since it’s your mother’s, you go first.”

“I think I’d better start with Little Willy. I can switch to something else later.”

Little Willy had a hole in its base which apparently fit over a shaft on the machine. When Shelley pulled the dildo off the machine, a rubber ring came off also. The ring had a hard rubber spur on one side.

“I bet that’s for your clit,” Bree said.

Shelley put the ring on Little Willy and put the small dildo on the shaft that protruded from the middle of the socket and the machine was ready to fuck her.

The machine was ready but Shelley wasn’t quite yet. Both girls were wearing the knee length uniform skirt of the school they attended and Bree tried to reach underneath and remove her panties, expecting to straddle the device still wearing her skirt and otherwise fully dressed. This exasperated Bree.

“For Chrissake, Shelley, don’t be so damn modest. I’m gonna fuck myself after you get done and I’m gonna take off all my clothes. I’ll do it now if it’ll get you to hurry up.” She started unbuttoning her blouse.

Shelley had to admit her friend was right. Minutes later, both were naked and she was on her knees straddling the machine. It was set for “Thrust” and the slowest speed but she expected to change the settings.

Lining up the spur with her clit, Shelly slowly lowered herself and let her pussy envelope Little Willy. A low buzz started when she flipped the switch to ON and the small dildo started slowly plunging in and out of her pussy.

“How does it feel?” Bree asked.

“Kinda funny. Nice, but not really a big deal; a lot like the real Little Willy.”

Bree knew what her friend meant because she had felt their classmate’s small cock in her pussy also.

“I’m going to speed it up and let it oscillate a little too,” Shelly said, matching word to deed.

With the increased speed and changed motion, a smile spread across Shelly’s pretty face and she started reacting to the fucking machine, her body squirming as the dildo drove in and out of her.

“That feels a lot better now but it’s not big enough. Once I’m good and wet I’ll put a bigger cock on.”

A minute later, Shelley switched off the machine and raised herself, so the dildo was no longer in her. Her pussy was wet enough, with her juices running down both her legs. She selected a larger dildo, one size smaller than the one her mother had left on the machine.

“I’ll call this one Eric,” she said as she removed Little Willy, put the spur in place on the bigger dildo and attached it to the machine. “It’s about the same size as his cock.”

Shelley set the machine for THST and the slowest speed and lowered herself so the tip of the dildo was inside her pussy. After she turned it on, Shelley signed happily as Eric penetrated her pussy. She moaned as it fucked her slowly in and out. When the dildo was completely inside her, she couldn’t help but groan.

“My God, Bree, this is the greatest. It’s a lot better than the real Eric, he was always in such a hurry, I stopped fucking him!” She turned up the speed a little and set the machine so the dildo would oscillate inside her.

“Ahhh…” she exclaimed as the machine fucked her faster and with the new motion. “Oh! Oh! Oh! That feels good.” As Shelley fucked down to meet the strokes of Eric, she leaned forward and the spur came into full contact with her engorged clit.

“Oh! Oh!” she cried out. “My clit! Fuck my clit!” Back and forth and side to side, she rocked, writhing on top of the fucking machine while it continued to plunge the dildo in and out of her pussy and the spur raked across her clit. For ten minutes she enjoyed the best fucking of her life and finally, “Yes…Yes! I’m cumming…Oh, my God!”

Shelley reached her climax in just a few more seconds of the relentless thrusts of the machine and slumped forward until Bree caught her and turned off the machine.

For a minute, Bree supported her friend until she had caught her breath. “C’mon now, it’s my turn. Hurry up; I’m really hot to trot.”

“Oh, my God, I’m weak from cumming. I’ve never had anything like that.”

Bree helped Shelley raise herself and lie on the floor then got into position over the fucking machine. The dildo that had been named “Eric” waited to drive itself into her pussy.

“Aren’t you going to start with Little Willy?” asked Shelley.

“No need. I’m dripping wet from watching you and listening to you and the cock is wet from you too.” Bree turned the settings to THST and to a slower speed. She made sure the spur on the clit ring was properly positioned.

With her juices dripping all over the machine, she lowered herself until the head of the dildo was inside her pussy. While her friend was on the floor, resting after the best orgasm she ever had, Bree turned on the fucking machine.

“Ohhh…” she crooned, as the plastic cock stroked slowly in and out of her pussy. “That’s really good.”

For several minutes, she enjoyed the sensations of a slow fuck as she meet the toy thrusting inside her. The pleasure spread from her pussy all through her body, causing her to moan and sigh and for her toes and fingers to clench and unclench.

Afterwards, Bree reached down, turned the machine to a higher speed, and set it to oscillate inside her pussy.

The greater speed and the new motion of the dildo caused the pleasure to mount, pouring through Bree’s body and causing her to thrash around on top of the machine.

She sighed and whimpered from the intense pleasure the fucking machine was giving her. Every time she leaned towards the spur designed to stimulate clits, she could feel the intensive pleasure coursing through her.

Every time she leaned back or to the side, the dildo found new areas inside her pussy to caress, sending more and greater waves of pleasure washing through her body.

Shelley had recovered and she watched her friend flopping around ecstatically.

“Good, isn’t it?” she asked her friend.

Bree had lost control of some of her muscles and all she could do was happily nod her head. The fucking she was getting from the machine was like nothing she had ever known. Besides masturbating in various ways, her sexual experience had been entirely clumsy boys pawing her, then thrusting inside her who are mostly only using her for their own pleasure.

Although she would never admit even to herself that she had never had an orgasm except for those times when she was enjoying her little finger or her mother’s vibrator.

She realized shamelessly that the fucking machine would do everything a vibrator would and much more. Moreover, it had no selfish interest for enjoyment. It was strictly designed to give women all the sexual pleasure they wanted. And she was getting all that and more.

“Oh!” she cried as she started cumming. This had happened to her only once with the vibrator. This time however, it was much more intensive.

All the pleasure that had been piling up from the surges of the dildo seemed to come crashing down, flooding her pussy repeatedly with waves of pure ecstasy until there was a sudden intense burst as she climaxed. After that, there was just the nice feeling of the dildo pumping in and out of her pussy.

Bree was too weak to do anything, even to turn off the machine or ask Shelley to turn it off. She gestured toward the switch and Shelley, with an unaccustomed flash of insight, knew what she wanted and turned it off.

This time, Shelley helped her friend off the fucking machine. She helped Bree to the floor to her strength.

Later that morning, after both women had fully recovered their strength and had cleaned themselves up, they put away the device. It had given them so much pleasure that they can’t help discussing it.

“That is the best fucking I have ever had and the best orgasm too…bar none,” Shelley told her friend.

Bree agreed. “The problem is that we will probably never find a man who can match it. Jason might have a cock as big as the biggest one with the machine but I’ll bet he can’t fuck like the machine can.”

“Do you want to cut school again next week and use it again,” Shelley asked Bree shamelessly.

Bree looked at her and she knew from the happy look of lust on her friend’s face that she need not hear the words. It was enough confirmation that there’ll be a next time for them and that wonderful fucking machine.
Erotic, Fetish  And Fantasy Fiction Involving Pussy Pounding Sex Machines And Fucking Machines
Love Machine / Sex Machine Story Two : My Mother’s Personal Fucking Machine
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