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Sex Machines And Fucking Machines Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
What is a Sex Machine or Fucking Machine?
Sex machine, love machine, fucking machine, mechanical sex machine, orgasm machine, love bot, and Sybian are all terms used to describe a specially designed mechanical device or machine designed for genital or anal stimulation, for men or women. The main principle of their design is a motor driven metal shaft that sits within a frame. A dildo attachment slides on the end of the shaft.

A sex machine is no ordinary sex toy. It is a dildo thrusting sex device  created to perform sexual penetration beyond the limits or endurance of any mere person. These love machines are built to provide a lifetime of pleasure for both men and women.

Sex machines are gaining so much popularity because of how well they satisfy our most carnal desires. Men are able to redefine their sexual experience and get the anal sex experience of a lifetime. Women love the penetrative action of a sex machine that necver tires out, never ejaculates too quickly - and never goes limp - and are able to get as much sexual pleasure as they desire or they can withstand, for as long as they want it.

Why Buy  a Sex Machine or Fucking Machine?
The sexual experience is thrilling, new, adventurous, bordering on dangerous, and insatiably automated. Instead of a manual device that can only be used at hand speed or by a partner, a mechanical thrusting sex machine opens up a whole new dimension of sexual experience and endurance. Sex machines offer physical and emotional fulfilment through erotic and fetishist fantasies and pure unadulterated pleasure.

Sex machines are suitable for men and women thrill seekers who are looking for exciting sexual pleasure and  liberating sexual experiences. They are non stop pussy and ass pounding pleasure machines which are there for you, ready, willing and able for whenever you need to be fucked. Let is face facts - you do not have intercourse with a sex machine. You do not make love with a sex machine. A sex machine provides down and dirty sex. When you use a sex machine for pleasure and gratification you get well and truly fucked!

Try a sex machine if you dare, experiment with it and enjoy the unique pleasures that only a mechanical thrusting dildo can provide. What you don't dare to try with a partner - you can try with a sex machine and you are always in control of absolutely everything: before, during and after. And when you finish with it - it will always be ready to fuck you again, and again - and again.

Who Can Use a Sex Machine or Fucking Machine?
Sex machines have been designed to fulfil the sexual desires of men, women and couples of all sexual orientations.

For Single Women. Whether you are a happily single woman, temporarily separated from your partner, or between sexual relationships, you can enjoy the reliability of a penetrative vaginal or anal orgasm whenever you want . A sex machine will help to satisfy your deepest sexual fantasies and desires. It is a tireless thrusting sex partner providing hands free penetration so you can use a vibrator or other sex toy at the same time.
For Single Men. Enhance the sexual sensations you are able to experience on your own, discover new intimately personal horizons, privately experience the sensation of anal penetration and pleasure of anal orgasm. Test yourself with different sizes of dildos. Become a slave to the provider of assgasming delight - ever ready, always available, not tiring - and never telling!
For Couples. Regardless of your sexual orientation, whether straight or gay, you can enhance your mutually  intimate experiences, because a willing partner increases the  fantasy, the visual excitementand physical stimulation. Enjoy double penetration or hands free mutual masturbation. A sex machine could be an excellent addition to your personal sexual pleasure regime. Let it be a part of your fantasy or even the focus of a fetish sex game. Try it all - it is liberating and exciting.
For Swingers and Swinger Clubs. Sex machines can handle the entire group without tiring out! Have contests to see who can last longest. Enjoy double penetration with dicks, dildos and sex machines. But always remember the golden rules about sexual hygiene!

Which Sex Machine or Fucking Machine To Choose?
There are lots of sex machine options available to order online, from mass produced plastic toys to very high end, very expensive mechanical contraptions, that take up as much space as a treadmill. If you are a novice in this field start with a smaller budget sex machine, and, of course, it is essential to buy it from a high quality manufacturer. Read reviews about the machine models to give you an insight to how they work and how to use it best.

Sex Machine or Fucking Machine Safety and Common Sense
The inner linings of the anus and vagina are very sensitive, and Sex machines should be used with strict care, keeping this in mind at all times. The use of lubricants on any attachment touching the skin is necessary to keep from inflicting serious harm or injury. Make sure any attachments such as dildos are continuously monitored and lubricating them while in use is paramount to safe operation. It should also be noted that each person's sexual orifices are different, and the size of penetrative attachments should be taken into account. Always consider a smaller version before a larger one, if inexperienced. It's basic common sense.

Sex machine attachments should never be shared between two partners, or used more than once without washing, just as using dildos or other shared sex toys.

How Loud Is A Sex Machine?
This depends upon the manufacturer and the particular machine. If built with high quality materials, the motor should be quiet at any speed. The machine is maybe as loud as the average cheap vibrator or a ceiling fan. The mechanical motion of the sex machine is what creates any noise heard.
Questions And Answers About Sex Machines / Fucking Machines / Dildo Thrusting Love Machines
Sex Machines And Fucking Machines Frequently Asked Questions - Diloo Thrusting Love Machines FAQs
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