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Buy Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn Movie ‘My Jetaime’ On High Quality DVD From Gamelink
Marie Madison's My Jetaime DVD -  Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn DVD From Maddy G Productions
Marie Madison's My Jetaime - Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn DVD From Maddy G Productions
The Jetaime is a very advanced dildo thrusting sex machine which mercilessly fucks sexually insatiable women, as you will see to the maxx in Marie Madison’s My Jertaime DVD. As the official My Jertaime model, Marie Madison really knows how to put this fucking machine through it's paces, and demonstrates dual girl rides with horny nineteen year old Sydney Clark that leaves her quivering in Marie's arms, and the eighteen year old Presley Scott who ends up squirting all over the Jetaime machine!
Starring: Marie Madison, Presley Scott, Sydney Clark, Molly Adams
Director: Marie Madison
Studio: Maddy G Productions
Buy Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn Movie Marie Madison's ‘My Jetaime’ On High Quality DVD From Gamelink

My Jetaime is a unique DVD release from Marie Madison. The Jetaime is a high end sex machine that is similar to the much wider known Sybian, but there's a huge difference in how the two work. While the Sybian works on vibration and rotation, the Jetaime works on thrusting.

In French, Jetaime can be translated as "I love you, sort of", which is pretty fitting considering that the Jetaime is the most advanced fucking machine ever made, with versions for one and even two women!

Capable of dildo thrusting into the pussies or ass holes of two simultaneous riders at speeds of up to 120 'fucks' per minute, when you watch Marie Madison’s My Jertaime DVD you will witness mind-bending, real multiple female orgasms like you have never seen before. You will also see two women go wild with sexual pleasure while sitting face to face and being simultaneously fucked into a series of genuine, screaming orgasms. Watching the intense sexual pleasure displayed on the My Jertaime DVD is something you will never get tired of seeing over and over again.

If dozens of simultaneous orgasms isn't enough, then watch Marie Madison work the Jetaime through two solo rides, including her very first ever Jetaime experience in which you see her actually pass out after experiencing the most intense orgasm ever.

You will see Molly Adams, an uninhibited 45 year-old housewife, ride the Jetaime and achieve her first ever orgasm! Not her first ‘on-screen’ orgasm, but genuinely her first ever!

And because we all know Marie Madison can never have too much cock, you will see her ride the Jetaime while getting mouth fucked by a porn stud at the same time, and through all the orgasms she still doesn't forget to swallow every last drop.

All in all, Marie Madison’s My Jertaime DVD features seven hard Jetaime rides featuring every aspect of this amazing fucking machine, plus a special bonus DVD of Marie in a special introduction to the Jetaime machine, it's set up, care and maintenance.

Scene 1: Marie Madison in "My First Jetaime Ride"

Marie is a decent looking woman with natural A cup tits. She grabs some lube and applies it liberally to the huge dildo that is sticking up from the Jetaime fucking machine. Taking a seat on it, she sets the dial for the dildo to go slowly in and out of her wet pussy, then as she gets used to it she gets it going faster and deeper. Marie orgasms noisily and appreciatively, then we cut to her finished with her machine masturbation session, telling us with a smile, "I don't know if it's designed for fucking back, but I had to fight the urge.”

Scene 2: Sydney Clark, Marie Madison in "Sydney's First Ride"

Sydney is a very attractive girl with short blonde hair and natural C cup breasts. The scene begins with Sydney and Marie, flicking through some porn magazines, which get Sydney horny. She tells Marie, which means this is a great opportunity to use Marie’s new fucking machine. So Marie leads Sydney to the Jetaime. With both dildos attached, it is the perfect fuck experience for both of them. They strip naked and Marie lubes up the two cocks, then they mount the Jetaime, facing one another. They start off getting machine fucked slowly, and work it up a little faster as they kissand reach simultaneous orgasms.

Scene 3: Marie Madison, Mark Audess in "My Jetaime mouth Fuck"

Marie is already squatting on the Jetaime, enjoying it insatiably thrusting in and out of her soaking wet pussy, as Mark steps forward and sticks his cock in her willing mouth. She sucks it hard as he eagerly cock fucks her throat. We get some POV shots of the action and the pussy and throat fucking continues. Then he unloads in her mouth. Being the nasty girl she is, Marie swallows his jizz with no hesitation. Staying on the Jetaime, she finally orgasms loudly after Mark cranks the machine’s fucking speed up to the maxx. When she has finished cumming, Marie collapses forward, giving us a shot of her pulsating pussy. Mark steps back and asks, “Are you ok?", he asks. "Ya.... Everybody should have one of these", Marie says with a big devious smile! Good scene here. Marie does mouth fucking very well and her orgasm from the machine looked good too. nice and intense.

Scene 4: Molly Adams in "Molly's First Orgasm"

Molly is a decent looking older divorcee with short blonde hair and natural D cup tits. As Molly is wondering around Marie's office, she spots the Jetaime fucking machine with no one in sight. Knowing exactly what to do with it, she strips down and lubes up the rubber cock, then dlips it inside her pussy. She tentatively lets it thrust in and out, slowly working up the speed to a medium pumping pace. You can tell she is getting pretty turned on as chest gets nice and flushed. As she orgasms her pussy gets pretty creamy on the dildo dick. She then gets off and gets dressed, heading off to do what ever she was going before she "came" across the Jetaime

Scene 5: Marie Madison in "My Cockring Experiment"

Marie tells us she is going to do a review of a cock ring with a small vibrating egg attached to it, and she has got it at the base of the cock ring on the Jetaime dildo. So we watch as she rides it, including some great pussy insertion close-ups.

Scene 6: Marie Madison, Presley Scott in “Presley's First Ride”

Tattoed Presley is a cute girl with short brown hair and natural B cup tits. Quickly the two horny girls get naked and hop up on their respective Jetaime dildos, and while they kiss we get some nice shots of the dildos pistoning in and out of their wet pussies. Both pairs of pussy lips really grip the plastic dildo dicks too. Marie gets a little freaky, giving Presley's butthole a finger message, then starts rubbing on her clitoris. Presley is really into being fucked by the Jetaime and fingered by Marie at the same time because when she orgasms the dildo slips out and she squirts, and continues squirting while Marie kept the dildo pistoning and rubbing on Presley's pussy. After Presley has finished squirting the scene concludes with the girls kissing.

Scene 7: Marie Madison in “Bubble Gum Jetaime”

In the smoke filled Bubble Gum Room Marie is chewing bubble gum as she has the Jetaime thrusting away inside her pussy. The smoke clears and Marie is about to to cum hard, but she ups the ante by cranking up the speed. This leads to another powerful orgasm, after which she slumps over, blowing bubbles for us as the scene fades.

If you are looking for something different than the typical adult film, and want to see what it isa like when women get mercilessly pounded by an insatiable, dildo thristing fucking machine, then Marie Madison’s My Jertaime DVD is well worth checking out.

Who Is Marie Madison: Marie Madison began her adult movie career in 2001 by filming her own sexual exploits and private fetish fantasies. By 2003 she had scored several international hits with The Agency, Smoke Junkies and Talons Reign. In 2009, she merged her production company with GMD Films to form Maddy G Productions and launched MaddyGTV which is the online home to her international hit shows Inside Marie's Play Place and Regarding Jenny, which received a combined 11 AVN Award Nominations. Marie Madison has produced and performed in over 100 porn DVDs and continues to produce feature films and television programs for adults.

Marie Madison's My Jetaime DVD - Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn DVD From Maddy G Productions
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Marie Madison's My Jetaime DVD - Sex Machine / Fucking Machine Porn DVD
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