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The Monkey Rocker Tango Dual Fucking Machine - Sex Machine For Fetish Sex
The Monkey Rocker Tango Dual Fucking Machine For Mutual Dildo Thrusting Sex Pleasure

We were impressed when we saw the innovative Monkey Rocker sex machine, but we are awestruck by the wonder that is the Monkey Rocker Tango. It’s been said that dancing is the perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire and with the Monkey Rocker Tango Dual Action Fucking Machine you and your partner will be in heaven, dancing cheek to cheek on the first ever fucking machine created specifically with insatiable sexually adventurous couples in mind.

The Monkey Rocker Tango’s main components are two pivoting thrusting arms that securely hold and thrust your favorite flared base dildos. The dildo pictured is The P-Spot Dildo which is one of our favorites. It also comes with removable Vac-U-Lock plugs to attach any Vac-U-Lock dildos.

Please note: Dildos are NOT included with The Monkey Rocker Tango  and are sold separately.

In response to your sexual movements, The Monkey Rocker Tango’s thruster arms will move fast or slow, deep or shallow, for as long as you wish. And since you decide how well endowed it is with your choice of dildo, you can enjoy whatever degree of fullness you prefer.

The ride is quiet and discreet, and requires little effort or energy on your part to get it moving. Just shifting your body does it, and the sensation of the ride feels easy and natural. The Monkey Rocker Tango works great with partners facing either direction.

The Monkey Rocker Tango Dual Action Fucking Machine  Specifications:

The cushions at their widest point are 16”.
At the narrowest point the cushions are 14” wide.
The tops of the cushions are 16” from the floor.
The length is just over 32” and it can accommodate 450 lbs.
The Monkey Rocker Tango weighs just 42 pounds and is easy to carry by the integrated handles on the cradle sides.

The Monkey Rocker Tango is primarily made from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) that is more stable and long lasting than natural wood. The special kind of MDF called PermaCore is made from 100% recovered and recycled wood fiber, with at least 25% postindustrial recycled fiber and the balance consisting of recovered waste fiber.

PermaCore can withstand the rigors of powder coating, which is more environmentally friendly and durable than conventional painting processes. The curvy, sexy look of your Monkey Rocker is largely made possible by powder coating and PermaCore. The powder coating process creates a seamless protective layer around every delicious curve.

Monkey Rocker Tango  Shipping:
This item ships from our warehouse location via- UPS Ground and may ship separately from other items. Express Shipping is only available for this item by special arrangement. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, and International destinations: A shipping surcharge may be applied based on the delivery address. You will be contacted with a shipping quote, or you many inquire for details prior to placing your order.

The Monkey Rocker Tango Dual Fuck
Online Price : $1479.00
The Monkey Rocker Tango Dual Fucking Machine - Sex Machine For Mutual Dildo Thrusting Sex Pleasure  

It takes two to tango and the Monkey Rocker Tango is the ideal fucking machine for adventurous sex partners who want to share mutual pleasures together. Because the Monkey Rocker Tango requires only the movement of the people using it, you don't have to worry about any maintenance or noise. Additionally, since it is you that determines the speed and thrust by your own movement, you have the ultimate control over just how you would like to be vaginally or anally penetrated.

As both partners use the Monkey Rocker Tango it's designed so that as one dildo thrusts upward, the other moves downward. Think of this as your own sexual see-saw. If there's only one person that wants to use the Monkey Rocker Tango, then they just have to attach one dildo to one side, yet the other partner could be in the other seat giving them other forms of sexual stimulation.

Different seating positions can be achieved with the Monkey Rocker Tango dual action fucking machine. Partners can ride face to face, back to back or in a spooning position. You can try to find other creative ways to use the machine, as well.

Monkey Rocker Tango Highlights:
No motors, electricity or complicated setup required. This product is completely silent -- requiring only human movement You control the speed and depth of penetration. Get it like you want it! Ideal for both anal and vaginal penetration. Good for solo or partner use.

Monkey Rocker Tango Specifications:
This item fully assembled weighs 42lbs. It measures 32" in length, 16" in width and 16" in height. It can accomodate up to 450lbs. The Monkey Rocker is constructed of 3/4 inch thick ultra refined medium density fiberboard (MDF). MDF offers a great combination of strength, stability and beauty. It is finished with a powder coating for durability. This product does not come with dildos. Please see our related items below for suggested dildos to use with this item.

“The Monkey Rocker Tango fucking machine is so hardcore! You would not believe it how we could both be sucking while getting it right in the caboose and it felt so good I probably came like 20 times! Just thinking about it right now makes me want to go to my girlfriend’s basement, strap on my horse bridle and ride this baby till the cows come home! In all seriousness though if I didn’t run a successful company then I would never leave my maidens lair and just live off of cock and ass fuckings for the rest of my life! The Monkey Rocker Tango dual fuck machine is a must. Since we have been using it we’ve lost weight, been happier then we have in years and some of my hair has been growing back! I highly recommend this product!”

“Mistress bought this Monkey Rocker Tango and brought it home one day and put me in an arm binder, tied it to the rocker arm, gagged me and then slid one dildo into my ass and the other into her pussy and then had us rock back and forth until she came so many times I couldn't even tell. All the while she was teasing me to the point of orgasm over and over. Finally after what seemed like hours she allowed me to cum in her hand and then took my gag off and fed it to me while making me continue to fuck myself. Th Monkey Rocker Tango is a must have!”

Buy ‘Monkey Rocker Tango Dual Fucking Machine’  Love Machine / Sex Machine / Fucking Machine At Online Price
Buy ‘Monkey Rocker Tango Dual Fucking Machine’  Love Machine / Sex Machine / Fucking Machine At Online Price
The Monkey Rocker Tango Dual Fucking Machine - Sex Machine / Love Machine For Insatiable Fetish Sex
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