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The FuckSall Fuck Saw Sex Machine - Sex Machine For Insatiable Fetish Sex
The FuckSall Fuck Saw Portable Fucking  Machine - Dildo Thrusting Sex Machine For Insatiable Fetish Sex

FuckSall - A device much like a Sawzall where the blade is replaced by a dildo.

The FuckSall Fuck Saw is a special hand held portable fucking machine that can fuck really hard using the motorized thrusting motion and six different speeds of a reciprocating saw. The special red rod is a Saw Vac-U-Lock Adapter that attaches to the saw in place of a blade. The Vac-U-Lock dong attachment then slips over the rod. You hold it like a gun, and drill into the ass or vagina with powerful and steady force.

This orange FuckSall Fuck Saw is a reciprocating saw that weighs a total of 6.70 lbs. Without the rod and dong attachments it has a total length of 16½”. It is 3½” wide and the maximum height is 6” at the handle. The extension safety cord for the Fuck Saw is 80” long.

The realistic Vac-U-Lock Thin Natural Dong (C264) attachment goes onto the Saw Vac-U-Lock Adapter (C426). The red saw adapter is glossy and constructed from unbendable steel. It is 9” in total length, and the 3-part segmented end is 3½” with a 5½” attachment stem. The adapter has a 3.25” circumference and a 1” diameter.

The Vac-U-Lock Thin Natural Dong (C264) is a slim and natural dildo made of rubber with a peachy tan color. This cock has an insertable length of 7¼” and a 1½” diameter.

The FuckSall Fuck Saw blade stroke is 1 3/16” (one and three-sixteenths inches). The six speeds are variable and go between 0-2300 SPM (strokes per minute).

The FuckSall Fuck Saw sex machine is cool looking and hard core. The Fuck Saw supplies a great machine powered fuck.
The FuckSall Fuck Saw Fuck Machine
Online Price : $169.00
The FuckSall Fuck Saw Portable Fucking  Machine - Sex Machine For Insatiable Fetish Sex

The FuckSall Fuck Saw complete package is the way to go for care free Fuck Saw plowing. The fuck saw adapter can be a pain to get onto some saws but on this model just remove the guard and your set. What we really liked about this Fuck Saw is its variable speed settings. Speed 1 is real slow so you get a nice pace. If you want more action the higher setting will give you an experience to remember. Buying the kit is more economical then ordering all the pieces separately.

The FuckSall Fuck Saw Complete Package Comes with:

1. Chicago Power Receipt Saw ($50 value):
4.5 powerful amps.
6 variable speed settings.
1 inch full fuck stroke.
2. The Vac-U-Lock 8 inch dong($10 value)
3. The Fuck Saw Adapter ($127 value):

The Fuck Saw adapter is electro polished and has a very smooth surface. You can penetrate with it alone if you like it raw or with any vac-u-lock attachment. The adapter is 5.5 inches long and 1 inch wide.

What My FuckSall Fuck Saw Taught Me About Female Ejaculation

After witnessing what it did for me and for other women, I was determined to put the FuckSall Fuck Saw to the test.  I was curious if I could, with any regularity, induce female ejaculation in various, randomly chosen women.  What I discovered astounded me.

After using the FuckSall Fuck Saw on two dozen different women, it produced not only intense G-spot orgasms but female ejaculation every single time!  I couldn’t believe it.  I had actually given a good number of these women their very first G-spot orgasms.  I also observed something unexpected about the ejaculate of the women, which contradicted what I had learned from various academic sources.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding female ejaculation and the ejaculate fluid; if it does exist, what is it?  Is it urine?  A good number of mainstream sources lean toward the urine theory.  Evidence suggests ejaculate is expelled from the Skene’s glands which are located just beside and below the urethral opening on the anterior wall of the vagina.  

Female ejaculate may contain trace amounts of urea, which explains the faint urine smell it sometimes has, but mainly consists of a lubricating liquid produced when the G-spot receives steady, strong, rhythmic pressure.

The liquid produced from each of the women I used the FuckSall Fuck Saw on were of various shades and consistencies.  It ranged from thin and watery to a thick, solid white, milk-like texture and everywhere in between.

Although I know that female ejaculate fluid isn’t urine,, after sex I would still secretly sniff the towel that had been under me or closely examine the liquid when my partner wasn’t looking “just to make sure.”  Even as a sex educator who knew better, there was still that little part of me who would be extremely embarrassed if I had accidentally peed while having sex. The results produced with my FuckSall Fuck Saw couldn’t be denied.  The female ejaculate produced from a wide variety of subjects was clearly not urine.

My FuckSall Fuck Saw: Making the World a Better Place One G-Spot Orgasm at a Time

I am a sexual pleasure advocate and intimate relationship counsellor and take pleasure from helping women have better orgasms.  Not long after I had purchased my FuckSall Fuck Saw, a friend and her husband came to me with questions about female ejaculation.  She had gotten to the point of feeling that she was going to pee during G-spot stimulation but always asked her husband to stop because she was afraid she was about to urinate. They had tried everything they could but still couldn’t make G-spot orgasm and genuine female ejaculation happen.  The woman was sexually experienced and had no problem achieving clitoral orgasm but had never before experienced any other type of orgasm.

Because we are all part of the same kink community and in open relationships, it was quite normal for me to get together with this couple to see if I could help.  I started out manually masturbating the woman and employing the assistance vibrators to give her a clitoral orgasm while her appreciative husband sat and watched what was being done to his very appreciative wife. I find G-spot orgasms much easier to achieve after being warmed up clitorally.  When she was ready, I used a curved dildo with a large bulb on one end - the JimmyJane Form 6 - to stimulate her G-spot.  This type of shape is excellent for female ejaculation and one I usually recommend for inexperienced squirters.

Suddenly, she said she felt as if she was about to pee.  I told her that’s the sensation she wanted and to relax her pelvic floor muscles and go with the flow.  She was almost there! I had even lined the bed ahead of time with absorbent pads and plastic sheeting to allow her to become more comfortable with the feeling of letting go.  Manual stimulation of the G-spot with a dildo takes some time and as the pressure kept building, she became more and more certain she was about to urinate. That’s when she asked me to stop. The sensation of having to pee caused her to unknowingly suppress her G-spot orgasm.

I had one more tool to try - the FuckSall Fuck Saw.  It was time to bring out the big guns.  I was sure the Fuck Saw would give her a G-spot orgasm but she had been apprehensive of it at first.  At first sight, it can be quite intimidating.  The FuckSall Fuck Saw can thrust up to 2,500 strokes per minute and applies precisely the type of pressure needed for a G-spot orgasm.  This is nothing a human penis, hand held toy or average vibrator can accomplish.  Immediately, she started making some incredible noises. And in about 45 seconds she had her first G-spot orgasm.  She even sprayed an arc of ejaculate fluid into the air! We all cheered! And we even high-fived each other.

The FuckSall Fuck Saw brought her to G-spot orgasm so quickly she didn’t have time of focus on the pressure building up or think about how mortified she’d be if she urinated, because it just happened - spontaneously and without eny embarrassment.  Using the Fuck Saw, she was able to experience the feeling of the mounting pressure and impending ejaculation but not have enough time to think about how different it felt just before hand.  She came before she knew what hit her.

Knowing exactly what that sensation felt like and seeing it through to completion, she and her husband were able to produce the same results at home manually and with the use of non-motorized hand held sex toys. One of the most difficult things for women learning how to squirt is to keep the pelvic floor muscles relaxed and not clench up when they feel the pressure building.  Having experienced the sensation of female ejaculation once, she now knows what feeling to expect when she’s about to ejaculate and can assure herself she’s not going to urinate.  She’s been having fabulous G-spot orgasms at home without the assistance of a third person ever since!

Buy ‘FuckSall Fuck Saw Sex Machine’ High Quality Love Machine / Sex Machine / Fucking Machine At Online Price
Buy ‘FuckSall Fuck Saw Sex Machine’ High Quality Love Machine / Sex Machine / Fucking Machine At Online Price
The FuckSall Fuck Saw Sex Machine - Portable Sex Machine / Love Machine For Insatiable Fetish Sex
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