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Buy Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn Movie ‘Club Sybian’ On High Quality DVD From Gamelink
Club Sybian DVD - Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn DVD From Tom Byron Pictures
Club Sybian - Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn DVD From Tom Byron Pictures
Join the very special Club Sybian and enjoy the ride of your life. Watch a group of sexually insatiable sluts get their pusst and ass holes fucked viraciously on the Sybian sex machine! This V DVD is packed with 9 high intensity Sybian sex machine dildo fucking scenes that will electrify even those with the most perverted tastes for unusual porn! The cast of Club Sybian is super hot and they enjoy plenty of loud, screaming orgasms as the Sybian dildo fucks hard and deep.
Starring: Gracie Glam, Chanel Preston, Brooklyn Lee, Georgia Jones, Shyla Jennings, Kiara Diane, Gia Steel, Nora Skyy, Lizzy Borden
Director: Lizzie Borden
Studio: Tom Byron Pictures
Buy Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn Movie ‘Club Sybian’ On High Quality DVD From Gamelink

For porn fans whoenjoy watching females have real orgasms, there is no surer way to know that the girl being dildo fucked on screen is genuinely getting off than if she is riding an insatiable Sybian sex machine. The Sybian is the Rolls Royce of dildo thrusting fucking machines, and when a girl rides it is inevitable that she will have a mind blowing orgasm, becaues no matter how sexually jaded they are they always do! The question is, how hard and how many times wil the women of  really cum?

This superb Club Sybian DVD from Tom Byron Pictures is directed and produced by Lizzy Borden, who also stars in the last sex machine masturbation scene. There are no stunt cocks involved, and the Club Sybian DVD features intense female masturbation only, using the infamous Sybian sex machine for solo orgasmic pleasure.

For those of you who live on a desert island and don’t know what a Sybian sex machine is, here is what Wikipedia has to say: “”The Sybian a high quality mechanical masturbation device designed for use by females, developed by dance instructor Dave Lampert in the 1980’s. It consists of a saddle-like seat containing an electric motor, gearbox speed reducer, and mechanism connected to a rod that protrudes from a hole in the top center. Dildo-style attachments of various sizes can be added to the rod, which vibrates, rotates and stimulates the clitoris externally and G-spot internally. The intensity of the movements produced can be increased or decreased through a control box attached to the Sybian’s base. Women who use the Sybian usually report an intense orgasmic experience, and it is known for whomen who have never enjoyed an orgasm before to have their first sexual climax while being penetrated by a Sybian dildo.”

Shyla Jennings: This beautiful petite brunette shows us how the Sybian works, and tells us that she masturbated with one before. She gives a very brief blowjob to the Sybian dildo before straddling it ready for action. Shyla rides the Sybian in cowgirl position and reverse cowgirl, and obviously enjoys every second of the experience.

Gracie Glam: Stunning Gracie Glam looks very charismatic when she introduces her Sybian masturbation scene to us. She has done it only once before in her life, so she says that she may not look like an expert. Gracie stays put for a while to feel the Sybian’s vibrations, then she rubs her clitoris and starts thoroughly enjoying what she describes a “A fucking strong ride!”

Gia Steel: Gia Steel was a little camera shy because she didn’t do much talking. But when the time to ride the Sybian came, her orgasmic moaning was very loud and natural. Her hips and ass look fantastic when she is riding the Sybian. This was her first time ever Sybian fuck, and  she absolutely nailed it!!

Chanel Preston: Chanel doesn’t say much before her masturbation scene, but when she was on top of the Sybian, her orgasmic moaning was really loud. Chanel’s scene was different because somebody else was controlling the Sybian and it was obviously too strong for her at certain points.

Brooklyn Lee: Brooklyn Lee looked really nervous when she made her introduction. She rode the Sybian right away, and still looked somewhat nervous. However, when she started playing with the controls she looked far more relaxed and, this being her first time ever ride on a Sybian, she controlled the machine really well and she actually looked like having a lot of pleasure with it.

Georgia Jones: Georgia is already riding the Sybian when the scene starts, and she goes right away for the vibration. Georgia went for high power and was very happy on top of the Sybian. Iit was obvious that she had a lot of fun!

Kiara Diane: This beautiful blonde is ridin the Sybian for the first time ever. She is already being machine fucked when she introduces herself. Kiara had problems adjusting the Sybian to her pleasure, but once she got a feel for it, Kiara started intensely pleasuring herself with great hip movements and enthusiastically bouncing up and down on the Sybian dildo.

Nora Skyy:  Nora was the only woman in the Club Sybian DVD who looked really eager to be mechanically fucked. She pretty much just introduced herself and started riding the big Sybian dildo. Nora seemed to have a lot of fun because her joy while riding the motorized sex was obvious.

Lizzy Borden: Finally, in the last scene of the Club Sybian movie, we see producer/director Lizzy Borden who is also going to enjoy being fucked by the Sybian for the first time. Her controller for the scene was the stunning Chanel Preston, who is a little devil as she plays with the controls to make Lizzy, and the eager viewers, all have plenty of machine fucking fun.

Club Sybian from Tom Byron Pictures is a very good female masturbation movie. There is added value when the girls are interviewed and they let us know what they enjoy about sex and masturbation, or when they tell us a story from their personal life, and this is followed by a scene where they masturbate.

Club Sybian is all about the girls riding the insatiable sex machine and having massively real orgasms. The surroundings and floor are completely black, so the focus is almost completely on the girl, the Sybian, the masturbation experience amd the multiple orgasms. Yes, Club Sybian has nine superb machine fucking scenes featuring hot girls taking on the Sybian, and it will undoubtedly leave plenty of viewers gasping for more.

Club Sybian DVD - Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn DVD From Tom Byron Pictures
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Club Sybian DVD - Sex Machine / Fucking Machine Porn DVD
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