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Buy Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn Movie ‘Maximum Kink’ On High Quality DVD From Gamelink
Maximum Kink DVD - Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn DVD From Anastasia Pierce Productions
Maximum Kink - Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn DVD From Anastasia Pierce Productions
This DVD is titled Maximum Kink because it has beautiful fetish models behaving deviantly and really getting off! Maximum Kink is beautifully shot porn with 7 hardcores scenes and 9 rubber wearing fetish superstars who use strap-ons, big vibrators, a Sybian machine and their tongues to make each other cum. They twist, spank and pull and bend over to beg for more. It is extreme hardcore, full of dominance, submission, bondage and a giant dose of Maximum Kink!
Starring: Jewell Marceau, Tanya Danielle, Jean Bardot, Darenzia, Karlie Dawn, Eden Wells
Director: Anastasia Pierce
Studio: Anastasia Pierce Productions
Buy Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn Movie ‘Maximum Kink’ On High Quality DVD From Gamelink

Maximum Kink is a collection of lesbian fetish vignettes from fetish superstar Anastasia Pierce. She directs all of the scenes and stars in some of them. The mood to many of them is sensual and playful, rather than intense, despite the extreme bondage elements. The cast is solid, starring several of the major fetish performers in the porn business. The types of fetish sex acts performed in Maximum Kink include strap-on sex, Sybian fucking, threesomes, lots of domination, and shiny rubber outfits.
Scene One: The location is a bare white room. The lady in the blue rubber outfit rubs her strap-on dildo while the woman in black latex caresses her own vaginal plaything. Their tease antics are very arousing. Moments later, some cock sucking occurs in various positions After playing with her mouth, the woman in charge has her partner rub her toy dick with her feet. The lady in black also licks the woman's heels. The futuristic type music is cool. Next, the lady in blue shuts her partner's mouth with a mouth plug. The legs of the submissive woman are very active. Her gams look hot as they move around. The energy level increases. A doggie screw follows. Afterwards, the dominant lady walks away. Overall, the action is not intense or harsh, but depicts a playful relationship.

Scene Two: A beautiful blonde girl is being manhandled by two other women. The black latexed female is tying her hands behind her back while her partner fondles the blonde's tits. Suddenly, both enforcers are working over her breasts. Next, they concentrate on her genital region. The woman in red inserts a dildo-stick inside her pussy. Then  they shut the woman's mouth and spank her bare ass. Afterwards, the woman in black stimulates their captive's clitoris with a large vibrator while her partner caresses the blonde's breast and rubs her own pussy. The prisoner has a very credible orgasml. Later, the woman in black sucks her partner's lovely breasts then licks her pussy. At the end, they leave their prisoner alone. This scene is a bit more intense than the first one.

Scene Three: The two women are playfully exchanging some breast play. Next, the lady in yellow ties her partner's arms behind her back and gently teases her vaginal area and breasts with a Hitachi Magic Wand. The woman caresses her tits and they kiss. Some tender spanking and kissing follows. Later, the atmosphere changes to a more intense mood and the scene ends.

Scene Four: This features two women in black latex suits. The dominant woman chains the hands of the submissive to a table and the tied-down woman squirms a lot. This behavior leads the dominant lady to spank her thighs. Soon, a third woman enters the scene. She wastes no time in running her hand along the submissive's body, then they unchain her. Some rubbing on the woman's ass occurs. The submissive masked female licks the newcomer's red boot and then her original partner's nipples. Afterwards, she sucks the dildo cock on a Sybian fucking machine. Her technique is hot. When she appreciatively rides the Sybian the scene becomes very sexy. The intensity increases with her moans and body movements. At the end, the two dominant women leave her while she orgasms.

Scene Five: The woman wearing purple latex uses a rake violet wand on her chest and torso as well as her ass. The background music fits the scene very nicely. Then, she runs the item along her tummy and leg. The woman wiggles with pleasure. The lady in purple spanks her a bit. She also licks her leg. Then she leaves her alone and the woman in yellow continues to wiggle. The scene is sexy.

Scene Six: A woman has her hands tied above her head as her captor in red watches on. The submissive woman has clips on her erect nipples. The dominant woman starts to tease them. Those nipples are wxtremely sensitive. Then she runs her hand down her body. Next, the woman runs a small spiked metal wheel along her neck and breasts. It is a huge turn-on.  Then a large electronic vibrator is used on her pussy. Finally, the dominant female plays with herself as she watches the other woman writhe and moan.

Scene Seven: The lady in red straddles a sawhorse while her partner is stroking her own strap-on dildo cock. Soon, her partner is sucking on it. She licks her breasts then resumes her cock sucking activity. A doggie fuck from behind follows. The woman in red looks very hot. The fucking technique is steady and smooth, but not intense or rapid. A nice looking girl on girl mish follows. The mood is intimate and very personal.

Maximum Kink is ideal viewing for fetish DVD fans who enjoy dominant-submissive lesbian porn with a touch of extra sensuality added by beautiful women wearing skin hugging latex and rubber outfits. Many of the scenes are not intense in a deviant way, which could make it more appealing to a larger audience. Anastasia Pierce has directed a DVD that will surely create more fans. Overall, Maximum Kink is highly recommended for lovers of this niche category of fetish porn.

Maximum Kink DVD - Hardcore Sex Machine / Fucking Machine  Porn DVD From Anastasia Pierce Productions
FOR ONLY $32.95
Maximum Kink DVD - Sex Machine / Fucking Machine Porn DVD
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